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Change starts with a conversation.

Talk about the planet’s boundaries & how to take a step. Take this step and decide a level of commitment that works for you. Try it for a month to see how you do.

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How often do you talk about climate change with friends and family?

Talk To Friends

Breaking Boundaries uses the power of science and storytelling to help people understand and have a conversation about the challenges we’re facing and the hope we have for a better life. Family and friends are a trusted source when it comes to taking action on climate. So although it doesn’t have a direct impact on your carbon emissions, talking to those around you is one of the most powerful things you can do. Most people recognise that climate change is happening and that humans have played a role. So talk to family and friends about it more - hope and action starts with a conversation.
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Steps List

Switch To Clean Energy
Cut Food Waste
Eat More Veggies
Talk To Friends
Keep Politicians Accountable
Plant More Trees
Insulate Your Home
Save With Led Lights
Drive Electric Or Hybrid
Get Around Greener
Fly Less
Spark Ideas At Work
Make Your Money Count