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So many ways to get there with less carbon.

Share a ride with others or travel by bike or foot instead. Take this step and decide a level of commitment that works for you. Try it for a month to see how you do.

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Get Around Greener

Short car journeys are responsible for more carbon emissions than you might think. Replacing them with other ways to travel will cut your emissions and reduce air pollution in your neighborhood. If you can replace your journey with a walk or cycle it will probably make you healthier and happier, too. Even if you can’t walk or cycle, you can still make a change that matters by replacing car journeys with taking a bus, train, carpool or electric bike instead.
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Switch To Clean Energy
Cut Food Waste
Eat More Veggies
Talk To Friends
Keep Politicians Accountable
Plant More Trees
Insulate Your Home
Save With Led Lights
Drive Electric Or Hybrid
Get Around Greener
Fly Less
Spark Ideas At Work
Make Your Money Count


  • 40% of UK car journeys are less than 2 miles.

    Cars emit twice as much pollution in first five minutes.
    EQUA Index

    Walking or cycling for 30 mins burns 99 cal or more.

    Walking helps you become more productive and alert.
    The Guardian

    If public transit use is instead managed to decline more slowly by 2050 this solution can save 7.5–23 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions from cars. Consumers would save US$2.1–6.6 trillion in mobility costs.
    Project Drawdown, Public Transit

    In 2018, electric-bike riders traveled around 586 billion km, largely in China. Based on market research, it is projected to increase to 2–3.4 trillion km per year by 2050.
    Project Drawdown, Electric bicycles

  • Impact metric calculations

    To determine the carbon emission reduction estimates related to switching to greener forms of transit such as train, bus, carpooling, walking or cycling, the following calculations were performed:
    (Fossil fuel car; kg CO2e/month) – (Lower emitting alternative; kg CO2e/month)

    Fossil fuel car:
    (miles/week) / (miles/gallon) x (kg CO2e/gallon) x (weeks/month) = kg CO2e/ month

    Public transit (rail/train, bus/coach), electric bicycle, walking or cycling:
    (# of journeys/week) x (miles/journey) x (kg CO2e/mile) x (weeks/month) = kg CO2e / month

    (# of journeys/week) x (miles/journey) x (kg CO2e/mile) / (assumed carpooling occupancy) x (weeks/month) = kg CO2e / month

    For detailed calculations, references and assumptions, please see our Methodology page.