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Our time to act is now

Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet is a 2021 documentary film, narrated by David Attenborough and professor Johan Rockström, about the planetary boundaries on which all life depends. We’ve already pushed beyond many of those critical thresholds. But there is good reason for hope. We now know what we must do to move back into the safe zone where humanity and the earth have thrived for over 10,000 years. Our time to act is now.
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"We can see the path back to a safe space, to a more resilient future. It is achievable."

— David Attenborough
From governments and organizations to communities and individuals, it’s an “all hands on deck” moment. Too often, individual action is seen as somehow separate from systems change, or simply not important. But we need both, and they are deeply connected. Project Drawdown estimates that, as individuals, we can drive 25-30% of the global emission reductions needed to avoid the worst of climate change. Not only this, but we can inspire others to take bold action and play an integral part in the broader systems change we all need.

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Steps like choosing renewable energy, eating healthy food and planting more trees, are some of the most effective ways you can help bring the planet and life as we know it back into the safe zone.